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It's that time of year again! (+ Lieveke en zus discount code)

Your back to school outfits should all be hanging ready by now,
freshly washed and ironed. Maybe even freshly sewn?
I say "Hoorah!" to that!

And hats off to each and every one of you who managed to sew
your offspring's schoolbags, sports bags and/ or pencil cases as well! 

Yeay, it's that time of year again!
I'm very exited to see all of your back to school sewing achievements.
And I have a few of my own to share this year...
This is what you could spot Eryn wearing next monday.
I love how it has a classic school uniform vibe to it and yet, not really!
That's so like her! :-)

The dress is another "Midsummer Fairytale Dress".
I still love sewing this pattern so much.
So quick and easy! No zippers, no buttons, no fuss!
And she still really loves wearing them. She's always been a big fan of loose fitting clothes.
The outfit kind of "grew" around the dress.
After the dress was ready, I felt like it still lacked something.
When she first tried it on it looked a lot like a pinafore dress to me.
So I decided the look could benefit from a collared shirt underneath to fill in the neckline.
This cotton short sleeved shirt was actually very surprisingly easy to draft and sew.
And I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  
I'm planning to at least sew another one for her.
Most likely even with another version of this very same dress!
Yes, I really love it that much.
And what about that discount code? Well...

to honor and celebrate the new school year, 
there's a 5% discount in my pattern webshop 
as of today and up until september 30th
for everyone who uses the code 'SCHOOL' 

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