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Build a mini capsule for spring: start with skirts

Up until recently I just sewed what I felt like at the time.
I've learned that, in doing so, 
you end up with a lot of 'single' pieces in your closet that never get worn any more...
So I decided to put a little more thought into my sewing spree from now on
and sew within the lines of a capsule...

You do not 'just' start with skirts off course. You need a plan!
And a color scheme to guide you.

So here's the plan:
I'm aiming for 4 tops, 4 bottoms, 2 summer tops, 2 cardigans,
2 printed tops and 2 dresses. A total of 16 pieces of clothing.
I'm sewing this for Eryn, so you won't see any pants or jeans in there!
All kinds of skirts and dresses will do just fine for her.
Plus some blouses, shirts, tops and cardigans to match them.

After a thorough scanning of what's still wearable in her closet
this is the color scheme I'm going for:
It 'll be no surprise that all her favorite colors are in it ;-)

So, let's get to the subtitle of this post: the skirts!
These two lovely pieces of fabric were in my stash for a while.
They both fit the color scheme perfectly so it was their time to become lovely garments :-)
Shoes, cardi, vest, T-shirt, blouse and accessories where all in her closet.
The blue infinity scarf  I knitted for myself a few years ago.
I think Eryn will inherit this one now, since it makes this outfit perfect, don't you think?

Both skirts are made the same way and are very quick to make.
Basic gathered skirts, sewed on an exposed elastic waistband with large sew-on side pockets.

Spotted the little label on pocket and back?
They are made of a festival-band! 
Fun idea, no?

Two skirts do not make a capsule off course,
follow my blog to see if I can stick to my plan...

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  1. Ik ben jaloers op mensen met een plan. Ik ben al content als ik IETS gemaakt krijg.
    De kleurencombi vind ik alvast heel geslaagd. Succes met de verdere uitvoering :-)

  2. mirari@hotmail.be16 februari 2018 om 08:14

    Hi i bought your pdf pattern but still don't have it (2weeks...)

    1. It will be in your mail today. So sorry to have kept you waiting.


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