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Tested: Zalon by Zalando

"Dress how you want people to see you!"

Build a mini capsule for spring: start with skirts

Up until recently I just sewed what I felt like at the time. I've learned that, in doing so,  you end up with a lot of 'single' pieces in your closet that never get worn any more... So I decided to put a little more thought into my sewing spree from now on and sew within the lines of a capsule...

New found wisdom in a La Maison Victor dress...

One of my colleagues and I recently stumbled upon a picture that was taken little over a year ago. She assured me: "you have lost some weight since then!". I had to correct her, telling her that "sadly the scale tells me otherwise..." "Those colors don't work for you then." she promptly replied. "You look so much better today."