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New found wisdom in a La Maison Victor dress...

One of my colleagues and I recently stumbled upon a picture
that was taken little over a year ago.
She assured me: "you have lost some weight since then!".
I had to correct her, telling her that "sadly the scale tells me otherwise..."
"Those colors don't work for you then." she promptly replied.
"You look so much better today."

Firstly, it was nice to hear ;-)
but secondly, she really got me thinking there... 
Maybe the key in liking the way I look
was knowing when I looked best...
and maybe I could learn to see what she was seeing!
I always thought I was a winter type,
because I had pale skin and dark hair.
I figured I had to wear bright cool colors to lighten up my complexion.
They only made my skin look paler!
So I let my hairdresser talk me into dying my hair in a warm red-ish color.
It made my face look red! :-(
Then I discovered this blog a wile ago.
I know, it's written in Dutch, but is has a lot of eye-opening graphics!
While going trough her blog I learned that there were in fact 78(!) color types.
I figured out that I'm 'in between seasonal types' and that I'm blessed with a 'neutral skintone'. 
It means that I actually look best in neutrals,
I can get away with accent colors with both cool and warm undertone,
plus I can wear silver AND gold jewelry as well.
So I decided to put al that new found wisdom to the test.
I asked my hairdresser to dye my hair in a mocha brown haircolor to cover up all the red
and started wearing high contrasted neutral outfits.
What do you think? Does this work for me?
My colleagues sure thought so!
Dress: Sporty Steph Dress - La Maison Victor jan-feb 2017

PS: please don't pay attention to the wall behind me, 
it's in urgent need off a paint redo...

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  1. Je staat er goed mee! Ik heb zo ooit ook een kleurenanalyse laten doen en voor mij klopte dat perfect, ik ben een lentetype :)

    1. Dank je! Meestal klopt het perfect hoor. Alleen blijk ik er net altijd een beetje 'tussenin' te vallen ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. Ik ken er niets van, maar het boeit me wel om eens te gaan piepen naar die types. Echt een chique dame in deze outfit, en cool!

  3. Waw, ik zie een stijlvolle dame ! Je straalt! Ik kan nu nog niet meespreken over kleurtypes, over twee weken volg ik een workshop ...

  4. Hier zie je er in elk geval super uit!!

  5. Dit staat je heel goed! Zo handig is dat om een kleuranalyse te hebben. Zelf jaren geleden gedaan, ben een volledig herfst type. Zoveel makkelijker keuzes maken als je weet waar je het moet zoeken qua kleur!


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