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Tested: Zalon by Zalando

"Dress how you want people to see you!"

In this post I described the problems I had with having pictures taken and looking at myself.
I decided that I would do something about that feeling and promised you that I would let you in on my quest.
So here's another episode of that...

Roaming the Internet, I discovered the concept of a 'personal online stylist'
like Stitchfix (US) and Zalon (Europe),
and I thought it would be a good idea for me to try. 
Just to see how other people would dress me if they were given the chance.

In short, this is how it goes (Zalon):
You fill in a style profile (measurements, favorite colors, garments and shoes you would or would not wear), 
upload some pictures of styles you like and a picture of yourself (optional).
A stylist of your choice then puts together some outfits 
and a couple of days later you get your box at home.
The pieces you don't want to keep you send back
and you only pay for what you keep.

This is what I got:
2 skirts, 1 pair of dressy pants, 1 jeans (that didn't fit me at all!!), 3 tops, 
1 cardigan, 2 dresses and 1 pair of shoes.
The box also contains a map with some styling tips.
I tried on the outfits the way I would pair them and asked my husband to take pictures.
Here they are, let's have a look and comment...
I really love the shape of this skirt.
I wouldn't necessarily choose to wear a pale colored bottom, since I'm 'bottom-heavy',
 but still I think it quite suits me.
The colors are neutral, the patterned top has a high light/ dark contrast 
and the darker color in the top totally fits my hair color and glasses.
Besides, this is the outfit that most 'feels' like me.
Maybe add a thin accent belt and some blush high heel sandals?
I believe we have a winner! What do you think?  
I love the shape of this dress. It's comfy and has some nice details (silver band, elastic belt).
I just don't feel much love for the print. It also doesn't feel like its me.
I'm not even sure if it's flattering for me, although neutral colored and highly light/ dark contrasted in the print, the overall look is just not doing it for me, agree?
I look (and feel) great in this outfit. Even I can see that.
The smile on my face in this picture gives it away ;-)
The colors are all neutral, the outfit has the right contrast, the garments have the right cut 
and the hot pink shoes are just enough 'edge' for me.
Great look for summer!
I love stripes. Love dresses for warmer weather!
(I believe I have a pattern like this..
You will see this look again, I simply need to find the right fabric first.)
Neutrals? Check!
'edgy-ness'? Hot pink top!!
Does it feel like me? Yes!
Why am I not smitten with this outfit then?
Maybe I shouldn't have paired the skirt and the top with the grey cardigan?
Also, I think I look heavier in that skirt than I really am... 

So, that was that, we covered all the outfits.
I packed up the clothes I don't want to keep and have my box all ready
to send back.
Would you 'Zalon' by Zalando? :-)

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  1. Ik denk dat de roze top ook mooi zou zijn op de zwarte broek. Leuke outfits. Mijn mama ging enkele maanden terug naar E5 mode voor persoonlijk advies, dat viel ook goed mee

  2. Echt een leuke manier van kleren kopen. Misschien moet ik het ook eens proberen....


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