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Ceci n'est pas une culotte?

I know, 
I promised I wouldn't...

What am I talking about!?
Well, after I told one of my colleagues that I wanted to make myself a pair of 'culottes',
she replied that NO ONE EVER looks good in culottes.
So I kind of promised her that I would never wear them...
And I am one that keeps a promise!

Now let's see how we can get past that... ;-)
What IS a culotte?
Literally it's everything that has 'split' legs.
That means everything from underpants to regular trousers.
Surely she didn't mean I could never wear trousers again (or underwear for that matter)?

Fashion-wise it is a modern version of a 'skirt trouser'.
So they are (cropped) pants that look like a skirt.
The length varies from just above the knee to ankle length.
Do they have split legs? Yes, they do!
Do they fit the definition length-wise? Yes, they do! 
(Hmmm, don't like where this is going...)

Do they look like a skirt? No, they don't!
They look like wide legged pants.

See, promise kept.
(Just to be sure, I'd better not be wearing these to work...)

A pity really, because I really like wearing them.
They're comfy, easy to style and very versatile.
You can either wear them dressed up or down.
Besides, they are ridiculously easy to make!

I drafted the pattern myself.
With a little help of miss Marlene Mukai
I discovered her site a while ago and, 
since I'm mostly drafting my own patterns nowadays,
I think it is great!
I used these as a guideline for drafting this culottes pattern (oops...).

So, what's your opinion on culottes?

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