I'm in the pants making business now!

I'll wear skirts, will wear dresses,
I wear pants and shorts,
I'll wear anything that 'suits' me!
But when it comes to sewing them:
not so much...

Up until recently I hardly sewed anything for myself.
Even in times of obsessive sewing sprees,
when I made at least one garment a week,
I mostly sewed dresses for my girls.
Can't really say I don't know why that is,
I've already explained all about it here.

But I kept the promise I made myself.
I am sewing for myself more.
And after this knit dress and some quick shorts (still have to take pictures)
I decided I still lacked some black linen trousers in my wardrobe.

...and I am having my pictures taken too!
I can even say I really like the ones I'm showing you today!
Even better, I only had to take a couple of pictures this time, 
and I think I look rather good in most of them...
Hooray to me :-)

Elastic band: www.wildvanstof.be 
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  1. ja, hoera! Je straalt echt en zo'n rechte broek staat je geweldig goed!

  2. Wat een heerlijke basic zomerbroek. Staat je geweldig!


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