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Hear me roar!!!

I don't post that often anymore, I know.
Last post here was nearly two months ago!
Time to do something about that hey?

When I came across this piece of fabric, the first thing that came to mind 
was actually a little selfish sewing project.
So I bought it to become a sleeveless top for me.
It became a fabric stash member instead, and for quite some time I might add...

Meanwhile Eryn was in need of some new dresses.
The ones still in her closet had become a little short (yes, little Eryn still grows...).
Ans since dresses are her favorite thing to wear, on to some dress sewing then!!
With that goal in mind, going to my fabric stash, 
that vision of a top suddenly changed into a sleeveless little girls dress...

The pattern I used for this dress is Eryn's very own "Midsummer fairytale dress".
I really didn't seem to have any other option than to make a couple more of these, 
since she literally wore the previous ones to pieces...
I'm glad that little piece of fabric didn't become a sleeveless top.
I think she looks great in her new dress.
I believe this one too will be worn to pieces...
I don't mind ;-)
If you want to make one (or more) of these yourself,
you can get the pattern here.
It comes in size 2y up to 10y and
it's available both in downloadable print version and in paper.
If you want a printable version in 'letter' rather than A4, please send me an e-mail.
I'll be posting more soon, I promise!
But for now, I'll leave you with these:
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  1. Het extra boordje in de stof geeft de jurk echt wel een extra eyecatcher! Heel mooi!


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